Crypt App – Landing Page Theme

Cryptocurrency App, Crypto Currency Landing Page WordPress

CryptAppis the latest cryptocurrency theme from
Designthemesin the exciting genre of BitCoin
digital currency. Crypt App offers an innovation in the financial
segment of the emerging world of digital currency. Using CryptApp,
you will be able to simplify the complexities inherent in the world
of BitCoin. It is a
one-page themeso that you can quickly navigate to
any section of the page in a jiffy.

Check out the current value of your holding of Bitcoin wallet
using the
Crypto Currency App. In addition, showcase your
subscription plans, explain about your
services and offeringsbesides the
Teaminvolved in building the App and other
financial calculators of your business.


After undertaking extensive research in the exciting
world of Bitcoin, we have introduced a
CryptApp as a One-page themewhich comes with
6 types of BlogSection,
12 types of Shopbesides
9 variants of Portfolios! In addition,
150+ shortcodesto configure any kind of elements
you may require in your site!

CryptApp is enabled for unlimited
Footerlayout possibilities besides a rich
Mega Menufeature, so that the visitors are in a
for rich variety of display of your site. Moreover, they will be
quickly whisked away to the different section of the site as result
of the ease of navigation built into CryptApp one page theme!

Enter CryptApp

CryptApp WordPress Theme is a perfect choice for the
decentralized digital currency space. Using this innovative system,
sending or receiving any amount of money with anyone else located
anywhere on the planet becomes simple!

CryptApp WordPress theme is a perfect theme for individuals and
businesses. If you are in digital or cryptocurrencies such as
BitCoin wallets, CryptApp is a perfect fit to run your business in
a simple way. Furthermore, financial consultancies for Initial Coin
Offerings (ICO), Blockchain, and other cryptocurrency trading
CryptAppwill be the perfect choice to create a
simple website for running your complex financial business.

Crypto-currency Widgets:

CryptApp offers 11 Crypto-currency
Widgets empowering your site into a powerful Crypto Currency Site.


BitCoin charts come in 2 formats namely a simple chart
and an advanced chart that gives the graph of the comparison of the
BitCoin in relation to the US Dollar. The advanced chart gives the
position of the ratio on a day, week, month, 3 months and 1 year as
well as All. The advanced chart gives the line chart, candle and
OHLC styles.

Price List:

cryptocurrencies price in terms of Indian rupees, US Dollars, Euro,
Japanese Yen and British Pounds as a moving ratio is provided.
There is also a Tabbed pricing table with Indian rupees, US
Dollars, Australian Dollars and Euro. The historical fluctuations
of the price are given on a day to day basis besides the open,
high, low and last price.

Currency Converter:

Crypto Currency converter is provided that
gives the value of different BTC you would get for purchasing 1 BTC
and so on. The complex comparison and exchange rates of BTC to
Ethereum( ETH), Monero( XMR), Litecoin (LTC), and DASH are provided
so that at any given moment your visitor can check the relative
position of the value of the currency.


Finally, the Ticker
feature is provided which scrolls horizontally giving the value of
the various cryptocurrencies vis-à-vis, BitCoin also known as BTC.
This feature much like the movement of the scrip in a Stock
Exchange gives the relative up and down the value of each unit of
BTC in terms of ETH, XMR, LTC, and DASH.


Using this feature, which is very vital, one can
easily know the price of 1 BTC in any currency like US dollar or
Indian Rupees. The calculator as on date gives a value of Rs
576392.11 for 1 BTC.

Crypto Compare:

unique widget gives the relationship between various
cryptocurrencies like Quebecoin, EtherDelta, ZoomCoin, WishFinance,
BosonCoin, RipOffCoin, FireCoin, Halloween Coin, Honey and
CryptoFocus to name just a few! Not only that, this widget gives
the relative position of the trades, analysis, markets, charts,
timeline, and forums!

The CryptApp is a massive storehouse of information on various
topics like Coins, Exchange, Wallets, Mining, Spend, and Portfolio.
Quickly get a brush up of all the concepts and values here!

Key Features of

& Retina Ready:

Being a 100 % Responsive and Retina Ready
theme, CryptApp will load in any device of any screen resolution in
a lightning-quick manner. Armed with a Powerful Admin Dashboard,
CryptApp theme gives you the power to manage your business

Ease of

CryptApp theme offers outstanding features
pertaining to that niche so that you need not waste any time in
configuring the theme to suit your business requirements. Even
without having to write a single line of code, you can configure
your site effortlessly!


Kirki is the ultimate
toolkit for theme developers using the WordPress Customizer.
CryptApp theme lets you take advantage of its advanced features and
flexibility. Simply by abstracting the code, it is easy for
everyone to design beautiful and meaningful UI.


Unyson is a free
Plugin that is easy to configure. It offers the Drag & Drop
framework coming as it does with a bundle of extensions which will
work on the backend real fast and easy. Using Unyson, you can
create backup and import demo content besides archiving the demo
content for migration.

Unyson One
Click Importer:

If you like the demo content in CryptApp theme,
no problems. You can easily import the demo content using the
Unyson One Click Importer. Not only that, it saves you time as you
need not create content from the scratch for your site. Your site
would look exactly like the theme demo page. You only need to
customize and modify it to suit your requirements such as adding
your logo and your content. Simply select the demo of your choice
and by a single click, import all the dummy data and customize it
suit your requirements. It is as simple as that!

WP Bakery

Formerly known as Visual Composer, WP Baker
Pagebuilder makes designing of a site into a simple Drag and Drop
affair that everyone would simply love to get their hands on. Using
the WYSIWYG-what you see is what you get-interface, it is a piece
of cake to design your website like a professional!

Composer Ultimate Addon:

Includes Visual Composer premium addon
elements like Icon boxes, model Popups, Info Box, Interactive
Banner, Flip Box, Info List & Counter. Best of all, it provides
A Font Icon Manager allowing users to upload/delete custom icon
fonts. Parallax, Video Backgrounds, Row effects, CSS3 animations,
icon fonts and much more!


Slider Revolution is an innovative, responsive
WordPress Slider Plugin that displays your content the beautiful
way. Whether it’s a Slider, Carousel, Hero Scene or even a whole
Front Page, the visual, drag & drop editor will let you tell
your own stories in no time! Build Modern & Mobile-Friendly
Presentations. Creating content using these animated content
creation tools, would ensure your site will have an edge over the
other sites. It’s easier than you think.

No coding

The Drag & Drop pagebuilder makes everyone a
designer without the coding know-how! The power of Visual Composer
is integrated into CryptApp Theme. Create pages quickly with few
clicks in few minutes with the help of Visual Composer and custom
CryptApp shortcodes.

Designthemes Core Features Plugin:

A simple WordPress Plugin
designed to implement core features of DesignThemes. Version 1.0 of
this Plugin is integrated into the themes by DesignThemes. This
Plugin is a repertoire of all the shortcodes and custom post types
by Designthemes. It is compatible with Visual Composer extensions
and other third-party APIs. Therefore, designing of the layout and
pages become a lot simpler with this Plugin.


is a free eCommerce plugin that allows you to sell anything,
beautifully. Built to integrate seamlessly with WordPress,
WooCommerce is the world’s favorite eCommerce solution that gives
both store owners and developers complete control. The WooCommerce
Plugin would enable you to sell online and receive payments in
multiple currencies as soon as your site is configured!

WooCommerce Quick View:

When you want to have a relook at the
product you have added in your shopping cart, what you do if the
image is too small in the shopping cart? You can do a quick view of
the product if you have installed YITH WooCommerce Quick View! Your
clients will be able to read the short descriptions and scan the
important features.

WooCommerce Wishlist:

This Wishlist is one of the most useful
features of an e-commerce site. On one side, it encourages users to
come back, allowing products tracking they consider interesting
until the purchase step. On the other, if users share their
Wishlist — to friends, or through social networks — this will
enhance the sales and will help the promotion of your online

WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier:

With YITH WooCommerce Zoom
Magnifier you can add a zoom effect to all your product images and
a thumbnail slider for the product image gallery. Naturally, this
improves the user experience which will result in improved sales.
The WordPress plugin offers the visitors a chance to inspect in
detail the quality of your products besides adding a slider below
the featured image with your product gallery images.

Contact Form

CryptApp theme offers Contact Form 7 using which you can
design as many forms with an unlimited number of input row fields
in your form. You can design your own forms and limit spam and
increase conversion. When you are running a site, there may be
different requirements for forms to be configured from time to
time. Contact Form 7 handles all.


The WordPress Importer will import the following
content from a WordPress export file: Posts, pages and other custom
post types. In addition, Comments, Custom fields and post meta,
Categories, tags, custom taxonomies as well as Authors and more
from a WordPress export file.

Google Maps:

Using the
responsive style Google maps, you can easily add responsive and
styled maps. The plugin allows multiple markers on each map and
multiple maps in each page. Google Maps comes with a shortcode
builder together with 50 colorful map styles. The shortcode is very
easy to generate and the map is very easy to use. In addition, you
can easily edit a previously created shortcode!

WP Clean Up:

This Plugin
helps to clean up the WordPress database. It does the job by
removing “revision”, “draft”, “auto draft”, “moderated comments”
,”spam comments”, “trash comments”, “orphan post meta”, “orphan
comment meta”, “orphan relationships”, and “dashboard transient
feed”. WP Clean Up enables you to optimize your WordPress database
without the need for coding by phpMyAdmin.

Theme Check:

A simple
and easy way to test your theme for all the latest WordPress
standards and practices. Theme Check is a great theme development
tool, using which testing your theme and making sure it’s up to
spec with the latest theme review standards is a breeze!


Akismet anti-spam is used by millions since Akismet
offers the best protection from spammers. Protect your blog from
spam using Akismet which keeps your site protected even while you
sleep! It is simple to get started with Akismet. Just activate the
Akismet plugin and set up your API key in Akismet Settings. Simple,


Breeze is a WordPress
cache plugin with extensive options to speed up your website.
Breeze is a free, powerful, user-friendly WordPress Caching Plugin
developed by the Cloudways team. It offers various options to
optimize WordPress performance at various levels. Breeze excels in
the following areas:
Performance:Breeze improves website speed and
resource optimization. Other features include file-level cache
system, database cleanup, modification.
Convenience:Breeze is easy to install and
configure directly from WordPress.
Simplicity:Breeze is designed to be simple for all
users. Just install and activate the plugin and you’ll see the
results instantaneously.


Regenerate Thumbnails lets you regenerate the
thumbnails for your image attachments. This is particularly useful
if you’ve changed any of your thumbnail dimensions. Or had changed
to a new theme with different featured post image dimensions. You
can either regenerate the thumbnails for all image uploads,
individual image uploads, or specific multiple image uploads.

Remove query strings from static resources:

If you are looking
for WordPress Speed Optimization, Support and speed optimization
are available at Speed Up My Website. This Plugin removes query
strings from static resources like CSS & JS files to improve
your scores in Pingdom, GTmetrix, PageSpeed, and YSlow. Using this
Plugin, you can speed up your WordPress site, get better rankings
on Google and improve your conversions and bring more visitors to
your website.

Widget Data- Setting Import/Export Plugin:

This Plugin gives
the user the ability to export the current widget settings and
states as a JSON file. You will be then able to import those
settings on a different server. Or in another installation of
WordPress, so that you have the same widgets within the same
sidebars after the import. In addition, it will not overwrite any
data currently within the sidebars, but instead will increment the
widgets and add a new instance of the widget instead. This plugin
requires at least PHP 5.2.0 version.


CryptApp theme offers a plethora of shortcodes (150+ to
be exact!) to configure your modules like tabs, accordions,
buttons, and tooltips. Well, almost every conceivable need has been
analyzed and these shortcodes have been included. All the
requirements of your site for Blockquotes, Buttons & Lists,
Carousel, Columns, Contact Info, Content Shortcodes, Custom Posts,
Fancy Boxes, Icon Boxes, Image With Caption, Miscellaneous, Number
Counter, Pricing Table, Progress Bar, Tabs & Toggles, Team,
Testimonials, Carousel Testimonials, Timeline and Typography.


With more
than 600+ Google webfonts and the FontAwesome icons, you can set
any color or size in your site and design your pages at will. You
will become a professional designer by adding Google Fonts with
typography field. In addition, you could add tooltips to help your


Using the extensive documentation, knowledge base and
video tutorials you can get any clarification you may require about
CryptApp theme, 24/7.


Images used in the demo
are not included for download, these images are copyrighted, if you
are planning to use the photos we can provide the links to buy

CryptApp WordPress Theme Changelog

2020.02.01 – version 1.8

* Compatible with wordpress 5.3.2
    * Updated: All premium plugins
    * Updated: All wordpress theme standards
    * Updated: Privacy and Cookies concept

    * Fixed: Google Analytics issue
    * Fixed: Privacy Button Issue

    * Improved: Single product breadcrumb section

2019.11.13 – version 1.7

* Compatible with wordpress 5.2.4
    * Updated: All wordpress theme standards
    * Updated: All premium plugins
    * Updated: Revisions added to all custom post types
    * Updated: Gutenberg editor support for custom post types
    * Updated: Link for phone number module

    * Fixed: Mailchimp email client issue
    * Fixed: Gutenberg check for old wordpress version
    * Fixed: Edit with Visual Composer for portfolio
    * Fixed: Header & Footer wpml option
    * Fixed: Site title color
    * Fixed: Privacy popup bg color

    * Improved: Tags taxonomy added for portfolio
    * Improved: Woocommerce cart module added with custom class

    * New: Whatsapp Shortcode

2019.05.17 – version 1.6

* Gutenberg Latest fixes
* Updated Visual Composer and Layerslider plugins

2019.05.10 – version 1.5

* Gutenberg Latest update compatible
 * Portfolio Video option
 * Coming Soon page fix
 * Portfolio archive page breadcrumb fix
 * Mega menu image fix
 * GDPR product single page fix
 * Codestar framework update
 * Wpml xml file updated
 * disable options for likes and views in single post page
 * Updated latest version of all third party plugins
 * Some design tweaks

2019.02.05 – version 1.4

 * Gutenberg compatible
 * Latest WordPress version 5.0.3 compatible
 * Updated latest version of all third party plugins
 * Some design tweaks

2018.11.09 – version 1.3

* Gutenberg plugin compatible
 * Latest wordpress version 4.9.8 compatible
 * Updated latest version of all third party plugins
 * Updated documentation

2018.07.27 – version 1.2

* GDPR Compliant update in comment form, mailchimp form etc.
 * Packed with - Layer Slider 6.7.6
 * Packed with - Revolution Slider 5.4.8
 * Packed with - WPBakery Page Builder 5.5.2
 * Packed with - Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer 3.16.24
 * Packed with - Envato Market 2.0.0
 * Fix - Option for change the site title color
 * Fix - Add target attribute for social media
 * Fix - Bulk plugins install issue
 * Fix - Unyson Page Builder Conflict
 * Fix - Twitter feeds links issue
 * Fix - Iphone sidebar issue
 * Fix - Buddypress issue
 * Fix - Youtube and Vimeo video issue in https
 * Updated designthemes core features plugin
 * Updated language files

2018.04.27 – version 1.1

 * Unyson Demo Content Updated

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Sassnex – App Landing WordPress Theme

Sassnex is an WordPress Theme for various types of Saas
Products, Software, Startups, App showcase, and related
products/services. You can use Sassnex as a better way to present
and promote your start-up saas applications, mobile apps, software,
digital products. We built this theme on Page Builder, a very
convenient drag-n-drop Page Builder for WordPress. It should
provide you with the smoothest experience while creating your
website with our theme. The WordPress theme is responsive, you can
view it also in the mobile/tablets devices and it looks very in
more devices.

Documentation Online:


  • +WordPress 4.2
  • Visual Composor Page Builder with Drag and Drop layout –
    20+ web element
  • Easy setup with Demo Content.
  • Unlimited Color Styles
  • Blog Single Page
  • Animate any Elements
  • Responsive layout
  • Retina Ready
  • Unique design
  • Single Page Project
  • Contact Form 7
  • jQuery Enhanced
  • Easy Setup
  • Very Clearly Documentation (Step by Step)
  • Support 24/7
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Xisen – MultiPurpose WordPress Theme for Startup

Xisen – MultiPurpose WordPress Theme for Startup

Xisen – MultiPurpose WordPress Theme suitable for various types
of Saas Products, Software, Startups, App showcase and related
products/services. This Theme specially designed for who wants to
start their Application, Software Business , Startup & Agency
website . Also it can be used for App Landing or App showcasing

This Theme build with worlds most popular responsive CSS
framework Bootstrap 4, Elementor, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and so many
modern technology. In few words, it is powerful, easy to use
multi-purpose Theme. From the first glance, you will be impressed
with its trendy and energetic design with smooth transitions and
animations. Upon purchase, you will benefit from 3 different
homepage designs with 6+ header styles, so that you can always have
a lot of options to customize your site. Use its options for your
website development!. I hope that I have covered everything but if
there is something that you would like to know then I am happy to
help out.

Theme is created and tested in all devices and browsers like
Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and it works perfectly without
any issue.

This is highly customizable – looks awesome on tablets and
mobile devices. We have included best practice of web development –
you can create great website layout based on Bootstrap or Grid

If you are looking for a website theme that really maximizes
your website’s visitors, then this theme is the perfect choice for

Features Overview

  • Elementor Page Builder:

    Elementor Page Builder for WordPress is drag and drop frontend
    and backend page builder plugin that will save you tons of time
    working on the site content.

    • Bootstrap 4.x Framework:

      Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for
      developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.

      • Responsive Layout Design:

        What ever you are using the device your site will run as it
        should be. Xisen Theme is fully responsive layout for all type of

        • One Click Demo Importer :

          With demo data importer, you’ll be set up and ready to
          customize your site in minutes..

          • Lifetime Updates and User Support :

            Each purchase of the Theme guarantees you lifetime access to
            future theme updates at no extra cost. You also get six months of
            user support with the option of extending this period should you

            Full Features

            • Elementor Page builder
            • HTML included
              Save $16
            • Based on Bootstrap 4.x
            • 100% Responsive
            • Niche Specific WordPress Theme
            • WordPress Latest Version Compatibility
            • One-click Demo import
            • No coding knowledge required
            • 3+ Home Pages
            • 35+ Custom Elementor Widget
            • 4+ Header Variation
            • 4+ Footer Variation
            • 7+ Custom Widget
            • SEO Optimized
            • Custom Widgets
            • Support WP Custumizer
            • Header and footer Setting
            • Cross Browser Support
            • Professional Support
            • Regular Updates
            • Google Fonts
            • Valid HTML5 / CSS3
            • Image background
            • Easy to customize
            • Flexible and multi-purpose
            • Google fonts
            • Valid HTML5 / CSS3
            • HTML & CSS & JS files are included
            • Amazing 5 stars support
            • Detailed documentation
            • Translation ready
            • WPML support

            Sources and

            Fonts Used

            • Google Fonts

            Icons Used

            • Free Flat Icons by .

            Image Credits

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Bluerack – Modern Hosting WordPress Theme with WHMCS

Bluerack a modern,clean,unique,professional and fully responsive
Web Hosting Theme.It looks perfect on all major browsers, tablets
and smartphones.You can add unlimited layouts or edit whatever you
want. It’s all up to you.It is fully customized and compatible with
the latest WHMCS version, which means that our WHMCS Template is
100% the same with the HTML version, you can also import all html
layouts, you can import pricing tables or anything that you like
from HTML version. Bluerack is fully responsive and 100% compatible
to all large, medium, small or extra small devices. You are free to
add or edit everything, it won’t break anything.

Every business is different, that’s why we have done a deep
research to build a best WordPress Theme for construction &
Engineering related sectors.

Bluerack – Industry, Factory Business WordPress Theme comes with
all necessary features for your online presence like
portfolio,blog, testimonial and personal profile page etc. Bluerack
will be the best choice for individuals, startup Industries and

Features Overview

  • Drag and drop page builder – King Composer Pro:

    Lightweight and extremely powerful Page Builder. Allow you to
    easily create pages like a true professional without programming
    knowledge required.!

    • Demo content included :

      Bluerack is ready to use from the box. Quickly install it via
      FTP or WordPress and after you activate it you can load demo
      content. Then you can add your own content on already designed

      • One click installation :

        Install Bluerack with our powerful one click installer. Get
        your site up and running in no time! Quick, easy and rocket fast!

        • Responsive & retina ready :

          Look of your website on mobile devices is very important these
          days. So we made sure Bluerack looks great both on mobile, desktop
          and retina screens!

          • WPML & Translation Ready:

            Bluerack is compatible with most popular WordPress plugin that
            supports creation of multilingual layouts. Translate your website
            to any language with WPML!

            • Advanced typography options :

              Choose any of the Google web fonts library through powerful
              theme options panel! Now you can set a unique style for your brand!

              • Multi-location Google maps :

                Have a large company with offices and branches across the
                globe? We got you covered! Now you can present your locations both
                with Google maps and interactive slider option!

                • Unlimited theme color options :

                  Every brand has it’s own color, that’s why we made it super
                  easy to change theme’s default color. Notice that the icons colors
                  changes too!

                  • Compatible with Contact form 7 :

                    Bluerack is compatible with the most powerful and most popular
                    custom contact forms WordPress widget! create your own forms in

                    • Child theme compatible :

                      Bluerack enables you to easily override default template files
                      using a child theme. It also enables you updating your theme in the
                      safe way!

                      • Powerful framework :

                        Bluerack is based on most popular, well established, powerful
                        Redux theme options framework!

                        • Detailed documentation :

                          Extensive documentation guides on how to setup and customise
                          Factory will make your customisations super easy and fast!

                          • 02 predefined different homepage layouts :

                            Bluerack comes with 02 awesome homepage layouts

                            • 02 header types :

                              Bluerack comes with 02 different unique styles

                              • Cross browser compatibility :

                                Bluerack looks great among all major browsers including IE9+.

                                Full Features

                                • 100% Fluid Responsive – Fits any device perfectly
                                • Tested on real devices
                                • Flexible Layout
                                • WooCommerce Compatible
                                • Use our demo layout or create your own visually different
                                  experience using page builder and feature-rich backend.
                                • Unlimited Sidebars
                                • Retina Optimised
                                • Advanced Admin Panel
                                • Demo Import, Content and Sliders
                                • Social Links
                                • Bottom Footer Widgets
                                • Clean & Commented Code
                                • Customisable Background; Color, Image, Video, Parallax
                                • Advanced Typography
                                • Google Fonts – 600+ Font families available
                                • Custom Font Support
                                • Custom Page Templates
                                • Pixel Perfect Design
                                • Quick & Easy Installation & Setup
                                • Custom CSS Ready
                                • HTML5 & CSS3
                                • Customisable color options for Google Maps
                                • Easy Customisation With Variable Content Sections
                                • Custom Build Theme & Page Options
                                • SEO Ready
                                • Localizable with .pot translation files
                                • WPML Multi-language Plugin Extended Support
                                • Various Post Formats
                                • Unlimited Page/Homepage variations
                                • Custom Widgets and smart admin panel for customisations
                                • Customisable Contact Forms with Contact Form 7 support
                                • FullScreen Background Slider
                                • Cross Browser Compatibility
                                • Well Documented & More….


                                Please check all credits on the documentation folder.
                                Images not included to the .zip

                                Change log

                                 First Release

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XEN – Creative Agency WordPress Theme

XEN WordPress Theme is a uniquely WordPress Theme develop with a
modern look. You can use it as a digital marketing website page to
present your brand, your services or your works. This WordPress
Theme has a beautiful and unique design that will be best suited
for your online web presence.

Theme Features:

  • Built on WPBakery Page Builder.Which is most
    awesome visual page builder for WordPress.
  • Fully Responsive Design & Retina Ready.XEN is
    fully responsive which means it will look excellent on your
    desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.
  • Drag & Drop Page Builder.WPBakery Page Builder
    for WordPress is drag and drop frontend and backend page builder
    plugin that will save you tons of time working on the site content.
    We saved you
    $34for that.
  • Unlimited Colors.We includes backend color
    selectors so you can easily and quickly change your color
    throughout the entire theme.
  • One Click Demo Data Setup
  • Unique Scrolling Page.Background and text is
    changed depending on the identifier section.
  • 7 different style home pageHalf Slider, Multi
    slideshow ,Slider, Slideshow, fullscreen image, Carousel , Impulse
    Image and Video
  • 5 Different Style Portfolio Page.
  • Standard Blog Pages.
  • Powerful Admin Panel.We includes an extremely
    advanced admin, allowing user to customize quickly and easily the
  • MailChimp SubscribeIncluded
  • Font Awesome 5 pro (5500 + icons)Included
  • Premium plugin Isotope (commercial license – save 25$
  • Touch and swipe support…
  • Shortcode Generator.XEN provides the power of
    WordPress shortcodes easy to use and implement.
  • Incredible Parallax Effects|
    Full screen backgrounds|
    Video background (Vimeo)
  • REDUX Option Framework.Redux is a simple, truly
    extensible options framework for WordPress themes and plugins
  • Custom Widgets.XEN includes perfectly designed
    built-in custom widgets.
  • Contact Form 7 Plugin.XEN includes styling for the
    Contact Form 7 plugin.
  • Clean Code.Well structured and clean code means
    the theme can be easily extended by any developer. We used nothing
    but the latest features of WordPress.
  • SEO Optimized.XEN is very impressive in promoting
    your site. It have all inbuilt Search Engine Optimization
    parameters you have been looking for.
  • Unlimited Google Fonts|
    Font Awesome 5 pro (2600 + icons)Included
  • Valid
    HTML5 & CSS3|
    Bootstrap 3.x
  • Premium plugin Isotope (commercial organization license –
    save 35$)
  • Cross Browser Compatible.Tested in IE 9,10,11;
    Firefox; Safari; Chrome and Opera.
  • MailChimp Ready.
  • Free Theme Install.
  • Demo Dummy Content XML Data Included.
  • Ongoing Updates.Which is totally free after first
  • Extensive Documentation.XEN comes with very
    detailed documentation, so even if you?re not familiar with coding
    languages you?ll have no problem to customizing this theme.
  • Dedicated Support.Whatever your level of
    expertise, our experienced support team are here to help you with
    any question you might have. So if you have any questions please do
    not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you.
  • More features coming soon…



Images used in the demo are not included in the archive of the –
for the license restrictions. They are replaced by dummy

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Softino – Software Landing Page WordPress

Softino – Software Landing Page WordPress is lightweight and
customizable premium WordPress Theme ideal for showcasing Software
Solutions. Built with WPBakery Page Builder and Bootstrap Framework
4. It has purpose oriented design and it is suitable for users with
zero programming skills as well as advanced developers.

Softino – Software Landing Page WordPress Theme responsive based
on Bootstrap latest version. Softino is flexible, customizable and
organized code. All files and code has been well organized and
nicely commented for easy to customize.

Softino Features:

  • 6 Modern Home Page
  • WPBakery Page Builder
  • Awesome and Smooth Animation
  • Creative Block
  • Bootstrap 4 Based
  • Fully Responsive
  • contact form 7
  • Google fonts
  • Fonts Awesome Icons
  • Line Awesome Icons
  • Well Commented code
  • Retina ready
  • 100% customizable
  • Displays well in all modern browsers and devices

Thanks for checking out Softino

Notes: Images used in the demo are not included in the
Downloaded Package. However, you may purchase it separately.

All credits are included in the documentation

If you love the Theme, Don’t forget to rate it out!

Refund Policy:

  • We don’t offer a refund. (If the item is downloaded)
  • Please read the description and compatibility content
    thoroughly before purchasing as we don’t offer a refund if you buy
    it by mistake.
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Kappin – Modern Agency and Portfolio WordPress Theme

Kappin is a premium Agency & Business WordPress theme.
Kappin is especially designed for corporate/company website like
Freelancing, Portfolio, Designers, Developers etc.

It is built on Bootstrap 4, with all source files (Sass)
included and therefore easy to customize with no hassle, it offers
3 different beautiful home pages and more are coming

Kappin features an easy to use page builder and a
customization panel with live preview, almost anything can be
customized to your own taste, here is a few customization options
available : boxed version / Full-width, footer columns layout (up
to 4 columns), header and footer styles, social media links,custom
backgrounds(images and colors) and much more


  • Drag & Drop page builder
  • One-Click demo content install
  • Color Customization
  • Boxed / Full-width versions
  • Sticky header / menu
  • Custom sidebar location
  • 100% Responsive
  • Unique Design
  • More than 2000 font icons included
  • Well Documented
  • Easy Customization
  • Built on Bootstrap 4
  • Well Commented Code
  • Professional Support (8hrs average response time)
  • WordPress 5 ready
  • Multiple Header variations
  • Pre-loading Effect
  • Live Editing via the WordPress Customizer
  • Clean & Optimized Code
  • Full Browsers Compatibility
  • Google Fonts
  • Sass source files
  • Child theme support
  • Translation ready
  • Google maps
  • Lifetime free updates
  • We update our theme regularly
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InHype – Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

InHype – Effective News & Magazine WordPress Blog Theme

Welcome to
InHype– Premium WordPress
theme from Power Elite authorthat
will blow your mind!

All smart marketers know, that
your website design can make all the difference.
Your website design look and feel plays a big role in conversion
rate optimization. According global Adobe company investigations
2/3 of people would prefer to read something beautifully
than something plain. If you want people to read
your site posts and interact with them
content should be attractive,and
InHype bring design to a new level!

Increase your conversions rates,
users engagementautomatically using InHype
WordPress theme.

we prepared for you in InHypetheme package in
34 reusable blocksavailable from Customizer in
drag&drop theme homepage builder, 11 modern blog
listing layouts, Post review and ratings, 20+ single post page
Unlimited site header variations, Ajax load
, 1 Click demo data importerwith
multiple stunning demos, bundled plugins, theme widgets,
theme shortcodes, Google
Page Speed
optimization, Advanced Gutenberg support, AMP support,
Users/Authors registration
Social sign-in/sign-up integration, Multi-Authors
much more!

InHype, be
in hype!

InHype WordPress Blog Theme Overview

InHype is the ultimate theme for shining a spotlight on your
content. This clean, responsive and powerful magazine WordPress
theme puts you in control and really makes a splash!

Perfect for magazine sites, with multi-author support, or
personal WordPress blogs, this advanced and contemporary WordPress
theme is all about presenting your content in the most effective
way. This means making your posts attractive and engaging from the
moment a user lands on your page, presenting articles to be
appealing to read and easy to digest, and organizing and
distributing your content in the best possible way. InHype is your
ultimate tool for keeping users immersed in your content through
smart design and seamless navigation.

In other words, InHype makes it easy to create a dynamic
magazine or blog website that people will actually read and use.
For you, this means higher engagement, a better conversion rate,
more revenue from advertisements, and a site that people can’t stop
talking about.

Unlimited Customizations – Your Site, Your Way

InHype uses our own unique drag and drop homepage builder with
live preview in WordPress customizer, so it’s super easy to create
your homepage and check how it’s looking as you go along. The theme
includes 34 homepage blocks with various options and styles
(including post blocks, sliders, content blocks, WooCommerce
blocks, and more…), giving you unlimited combinations to play
around with. You can also explore unlimited site header layout
combinations and 20+ single post header layout combinations to get
the perfect look.

If you prefer to work with Gutenberg (the new WordPress content
editor for WordPress 5.x), that’s also no problem, and InHype
includes some special theme styles that have been enhanced for

The bottom line is that you don’t need any knowledge of CSS or
HTML to get the most out of this powerful magazine WordPress theme
– simply get started by importing all of the theme demos and data
in a single click.

Immersive Blog Styles – No Limits

This elegant and versatile magazine and blog WordPress theme
offers 11 different blog layouts, with unlimited combinations and
style variations. From clean and contemporary to fun and fresh, to
professional and refined, InHype has a beautifully crafted layout
to suit the vibe of your content. Every style and layout has been
carefully designed to put your content front and center and draw
your users into your site from the very first glance.

Curate Your Content – You’re In Control

The most exciting thing about InHype is that it gives you
ultimate control over how your content is presented and how users
engage with it, and this is what will lead to a bigger following,
more traffic, more conversions, more revenue…

For example, you can assign posts to different groups and show
them in different theme blocks on the homepage, which makes it
easier for users to find the content that interests them. This
guarantees that they will be quickly hooked in and will stick
around on site. Similarly, the Related Posts feature shows users
more of what they like, so they’re less likely to go hunting for it
somewhere else.

With the built-in advertising banner management system, it’s
never been easier to turn this increasing engagement into
conversions – which means more advertising revenue for you.

With social share and social follow integration, your
well-presented, engaging and immersive content will also generate a
buzz on social media, build the profile of your magazine or blog
site, and grow your following.

Enhanced User Experience – Fast & Powerful

Ultimately, users will only stick with you – and tell their
friends about you – if they have a good experience. Great content
is one thing, but your users need to enjoy browsing, reading and
discovering your posts if they’re going to convert into subscribers
or engaged followers.

The Ajax LOAD MORE feature for homepage blocks and blog
listings is a subtle tool that makes a big difference. It means
users can load more posts from your homepage or blog without having
to refresh the page. It’s fast and effortless, so there’s no
interruption and risk of losing them.

Built with a clean code and the latest modern technologies
(CSS3, HTML5, and more), InHype is super fast and responsive, and
optimized for SEO and page speed. The responsive layouts are built
on Bootstrap, with retina support, for an enhanced browsing

A Helping Hand

To help you get the most out of this dynamic blog and magazine
WordPress theme, we’ve included a video installation guide and
step-by-step configuration guide. We are also on hand with
dedicated support if you have any issues, and with lifetime updates
you will always benefit from the best new features and capabilities
as we take InHype even further!

InHype – Be the Buzz.


Theme compatible with WordPress 4.x

Theme features

InHype theme is a extremely fast (up to 100/100 Google Page
Speed Score), modern, clean and very flexible WordPress Blogging
Theme designed especially for bloggers.

  • 1 minute Easy Installationand
    Configuration(Video installation guide and Step by
    step Documentation guide included)
  • Unique Homepage Drag&Drop Blocks Builderwith
    Live Preview in WordPress Customizer

  • 34 Homepage Blockswith different options and
    styles (Posts blocks, Sliders, Content blocks, Instagram,
    Subscribe, Categories, WooCommerce and more).
  • Use the same blocks many times on homepagewith
    different settings and on any position
  • Use homepage blocks on any page or postusing
    special shortcodes
  • Assign your posts to different groupsand show them
    in different theme blocks on homepage!
  • 11 modern Blog listing layouts
  • 20+ single post page headervariations
  • Unlimited site headervariations
  • Ajax “Load more” featurefor
    Homepage Blocks
  • Ajax “Load more” featurefor
    Blog listing
  • Theme Optionswith
    Live Previewin
    WordPress Customizer
  • Post review and ratingfeature
  • Gutenbergand
    WordPress 5.xsupport
  • WooCommerce integrationwith
    mini cart in header.
  • Enhanced
    Gutenbergblocks and styles
  • User registration, login and social
  • Multi-authors support.
    Allow users register and add poststo your
  • Static homepage with theme blocksand
    Blog homepagesupport
  • No CSS/HTML knowledge required!
  • Advanced
    Mega Menu
  • Assign color and images
    toyour posts
  • 1 Click Demo Data Importwith all demo data and
    demo pages from preview site
  • 10 Theme Enhanced WordPress pluginsprovided with
    for FREE
  • 3 menu positions with different
    (Top/Header/Footer) with option to turn off any
  • Dark and Light Top menustyles
  • Dark and Light Main menustyles
  • 10 Predefined color skins– create unlimited
  • Dark themesupport
  • Unlimited
    Blog Stylesvariations and layout combinations
  • Worth Readingpost block on single post page
    (assign special posts to your post)
  • Reading progressbar on single post page
  • Related postsfeature
  • 5 Widgets Sidebarsareas (Left/Right/Footer
    Light/Footer Dark/WooCommerce)
  • Custom Theme widgets(social share, list posts,
    recent comments, posts slider, content, categories widgets)
  • Dedicated sidebars managementfor every page and
    post (Left/Right/Fullwidth)
  • Different Header stylescombinations
  • Sticky headerfeature
  • Fixed social share buttons blockon single post
  • Transparent headerfeature
  • Different Footer styles and
  • Footer Shortcode block
  • Featured posts header slider
  • Top linefeature
  • Footer HTML blockwith background image and any
  • Smooth images animations
  • Scroll animations for post listing
  • Post/Page Image Headerfeature (add custom header
    image for every post)
  • Transparent Post/Page Image Header feature
  • Small page/post widthfeature
  • Disable featured image on single blog
    (separately or for all posts)
  • Custom Sliderssupport (Slider Revolution, Master
    Slider and others)
  • Advanced Posts Paginationlinks
  • Built-in Advertising (Banners)
  • JetPack Tiled Galleriessupport
  • Set your image for Body Backgroundfeature
  • Set your image for Header Backgroundfeature
  • Instagram Feed Integration(widgets,
  • MailChimp Newsletter subscribe integration
  • Contact Formssupport
  • Lightbox and Lightbox Galleryintegration for any
    images in your posts
  • Social Shareand
    Social Followintegration
  • Post Formats support(Gallery, Video, Audio, Quote,
    Link, Status)
  • SEO & PageSpeed Optimized
  • Integrated
    Google Web Fonts(650+)
  • Multiple authorssupport
  • WooCommercesupport (Shop features)
  • Google AMPsupport
  • Free Updatesand
    dedicated support in Ticket System
  • Responsive layouts built on
    Bootstrap 3
  • Retina imagessupport
  • Responsive imagessupport
  • Clean optimized CSS/HTML/PHP code
  • Modern technologies(CSS3, HTML5 and more)
  • Multi Language (WPML)support
  • Cross-Browser Compatible(Chrome / Firefox / IE /
    Edge / Safari / Opera)
  • Well documented, full installation and
    configuration guide included!
  • and
    much more..!
  • Release History

    To upgrade your theme to newer version just add new and replaces
    changed files.


    Theme compatible with WordPress 4.x-5.x,
    WPML. And we make sure it will work with any
    future WordPress releases.

    Please, rate this

    If you like our theme please do not forget to rate it with stars
    in your Downloads section and write a review in Comments! Thank

    Theme Support and installation service

    Please use our
    if you have any questions about theme, but make sure that
    you have read latest template documentation.

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Codz – Software & IT Services Theme

Codz – Software & IT Services WordPress Theme


To work with Codz, please ensure that you are running WordPress
5.0 or higher, PHP 5.6 or higher, and MySQL 5.6 or higher. We have
tested it with Mac, Windows and Linux. For better hosting
experience, we recommend using

Various issues that you may run into are: white screen, your
demo import fails, empty page content and other similar issues
which are all related to low PHP configuration limits. The best way
is to increase the PHP limits of hosting account.

max_execution_time 300

memory_limit 128M

post_max_size 32M

upload_max_filesize 32M

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Vertos | Digital & Marketing Agency WordPress Theme

Vertos | Digital & Marketing Agency WordPress Theme

Features List

  • editor ready
  • Ready
  • ready

  • Custom logo support
  • Custom coloring option
  • Bottom footer widgets
  • Custom widgets and smart admin panel for customizations
  • Advanced typography
  • 800+ Google Fonts
  • Full screen background slider
  • Full width & standard layouts
  • True responsiveness
  • Cross-browser Compatible with Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera,
  • Video embed from YouTube & Vimeo element
  • Social links
  • Custom widget areas
  • Various post formats
  • Video Background
  • Mobile Menu
  • Social Networks Integration
  • Various Blog Layouts
  • Customizable Header And Footer
  • Contact Form Builder
  • Revision History
  • Responsive Editor

  • Child theme included
  • PayPal Payments
  • One click demo importer
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Online documentation
  • Clean & commented code
  • Dedicated support


We would happy to help you solve any issues. If you have any
questions, ideas or suggestions, please create ticket through our


Fonts Used:

Images:( The entire image in the template is free
and available when installing demo content )




Version 1.0.0

 - Initial Release

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